My Top 200 Albums Of All Time (2021 Update)

Click Here for the 2022 Update to This List.


6 thoughts on “My Top 200 Albums Of All Time (2021 Update)

  1. I did make an Island records thing in 2005! In two parts because I had to describe them all. 53 albums because I was born in ’53. I picked no compilation albums (so no The Harder They Come) and
    Four albums in common with your list. Deja Vu-CSNY; Gabriel 3; Band on the Run; and Royal Scam, which I own on, of all things, cassette. Some common artists: REM, Talking Heads, and King Crimson. Discipline beat out Court because the song Indiscipline was the unofficial song of FantaCo.


  2. I might have to try this, but it’d be damn hard. There are some I haven’t played in years because they’re only on vinyl, re-ac-tor for one. Face Value for another. Aja, Swing To The Right, The Wall.

    One that would ABSOLUTELY be on mine is Peter Gabriel’s third album. I have it on vinyl in German.


    • I think if I tried it from scratch right now, it would be really, really hard indeed. But having first started doing this on a typewriter when I was a kid and only owned maybe 25 albums or so, each iteration over the past half-century has essentially been looking at a prior list and editing . . . so that helps!


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