Freelance Writing

If I had to pick a single word to describe the best and most important facets of my professional work over the past 40+ years, that word would unquestionably be writer.

I had my first paid freelance writing gig when I was 13 years old, hired to be the teen editor of a military base newspaper. Two years later, I won a state-wide poetry contest, competing mainly against writers far older than me. And I’ve never stopped scribbling since then, writing for more organizations, customers, clients and colleagues that I can begin to remember, crafting and sharing millions of words, covering a dizzying array of topics and writing types, including (but not limited to):

  • Budgetary narrative for complex industrial organizations
  • Congressional testimony for senior government executives
  • Grant applications for nonprofit organizations
  • Strategic planning and implementation documents
  • Policy and procedure manuals
  • Press releases, white papers, and marketing materials
  • Short stories, a novel, poetry and song lyrics
  • Music criticism and artist interviews
  • Feature articles and think pieces
  • Television scripts, many of which I delivered on camera
  • Travel pieces, with accompanying photography
  • Monthly magazine and newsletter columns
  • And whatever else anybody has ever wanted me to write!

My freelance and creative writing work has been anchored in and informed by my salaried senior management positions in the government, higher education, and nonprofit sectors. You can view my full professional resume via my LinkedIn profile, here. I have learned to quickly and effectively write the proper piece in the proper tone for the proper audience, and my written work has produced significant financial and institutional benefit to the organizations that have employed me. Beyond the final written products, I am also a canny and savvy researcher and interviewer, and I know how to get the information needed to make my written pieces as complete, compelling and compliant as my customers require.

In addition to my traditional print and internal organizational work, I am also a seasoned internet warrior, having maintained an active public online presence since 1993, launched a personal website in 1995, and blogged regularly since September 1999, earning a coveted WordPress “Freshly Pressed” nod in 2010. This website currently serves as a repository for over 1,000 pieces written since 1995; please feel free to search and forage here to get a sense of my range, style and voice.

At bottom line: if it can be written, I can write it. I’ll enjoy doing it, and you’ll enjoy the benefits of well-crafted work product that meets your specifications and exceeds your expectations. I am available for writing projects under retainer, day rate, hourly, per-word or project fee arrangements, and welcome the opportunity to discuss any project where my skills might match your needs.

You can contact me at to request a proposal or specific writing samples, discuss a project, receive more information, or just say “howdy.”

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