Into The West

You might have noticed that it has been a little quiet here at the website for a couple of days since I completed my big Favorite Songs By Favorite Bands writing spree. But not quiet in real life for me at all, as Marcia and I spent the last two days driving from Des Moines to Las Vegas, helping our daughter Katelin and her beloved John move into their new home here. John’s dad drove a moving truck, we rented and drove a (fully loaded) SUV, and Katelin and John drove their (fully loaded) car with their two cats. (One of whom, The Bumble, may be familiar to long-time readers here).

It was a long trip, but we traversed some truly stunning countryside, and everyone and everything arrived safe and healthy, most importantly. Katelin and John are going to be living in a great house in the Summerlin community at the western side of the Vegas metro area. Their surroundings are stunning, mere minutes by car from home to Red Rocks Natural Conservation Area, a perfect place for such avid rock climbers and outdoorsy people to spend their time. We are excited about their new adventures, and look forward to experiencing them vicariously through their reports in the years ahead.

Marcia and I are going to have our own little adventure for the next couple of weeks, heading up into the Yosemite and Lake Tahoe area once we finish helping here, then back over to Utah to visit the Logan and Moab areas for a spell. We are still hunkering down, masking up, and doing all the on-our-own things we need to do during this our national time of disease (in both literal and figurative terms). Safety first, even on the road. Maybe most especially on the road.

In any event, posting may be a bit sparse here through July, but I’ll eventually do my usual photo journal for those who like such things. Today I close with a pair of snaps taken of John and Katelin this morning when I went for a ramble with them in Red Rocks. Marcia and I are most happy for and proud of them as they begin this next new exciting chapter of their lives!

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