Five Songs You Need to Hear (In The Name Of Love)

Look at that, it’s apparently been a whole month since our last installment of “Five Song You Need to Hear.” Time really flies when you’ve become unstuck in time. Good thing I’ve got a calendar to help anchor myself in my unreal reality. The fact that we’ve got freeze warnings in effect over Mother’s Day weekend only adds to the sense that we’re living in some twisted liminal space where nothing is quite like it should be. Oh wait. This is Iowa. Awful weather is actually normal here. Phew! There’s something you can count on to be consistent, no matter what else may come. Carry on.

As always, the premise here is that these songs don’t have anything in common except that I’ve been listening to them lately, I love them all, you have probably not heard them, and I think that you might want to do so. So give ’em a spin! Or a click! Or whatever it is that we call pushing the “play” button on our computer screens these days! If you like any or all of these recommended cuts, here’s the link to all of the installments in the series (scroll down when you get there), which is now at 14 posts and counting. Loads of musical wonders and weirdness await the brave and intrepid. Happy listening!

#1. NRBQ, “Magnet”

#2. Against All Logic, “Illusions of Shameless Abundance” (Featuring Lydia Lunch)

#3. Shriekback, “Mothloop”

#4. Theophilus London, “Revenge” (Featuring Ariel Pink)

#5. Magma, “Üdü Ẁüdü”

5 thoughts on “Five Songs You Need to Hear (In The Name Of Love)

    • P.S. In re your post on chalybeate springs, glad someone else knows about them. A whimsical poem of mine from 2004 . . .

      “The Cedars of Chalybeate Hollow”

      Just look at them there cedars,
      man, they’re gorgeous and they’re fragrant,
      above the springs with the red iron water,
      they’ve got to be quite ancient.

      We sit beneath them resting,
      soon the half of us are snoring,
      but we’ll wake up real quick as soon as
      the chainsaws start their roaring.

      We’ll cut the trees to pieces
      and then sell them in the city,
      where fancy folks put chips in their closets
      to make their clothes smell pretty.

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      • Beautiful poem and great verse!! I can see you too are a real countryside lover as well – I hope there’s a good, healthy chalybeate nearby where you are! It’s just been the first time I’ve ever drank the orange water, and I swear, it’s been doing me the power of good. I’ll definitely check out the catalogue of NRBQ, I liked the mood of that track a lot!!


        • Their 1972 to 1980 run of albums (“Scraps” through “Tiddly Winks”) is wholly fantastic. If I had to pick an absolute best starting point with one record, I’d probably go with “Tiddly Winks.”


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