Chicago, Now!

Well, not exactly now . . . but soon.

Marcia and I will be relocating to the Windy City this summer. She is taking a new position with her current employer, and will be joining the legal team at Mercy Chicago and Loyola University Hospitals. It’s a good professional move, with lots of interesting new opportunities.

I’ll be on the open job market again as of July 2, so here’s how to hire me and here’s what some people who did so in the past think about me. Until I land a full time position, I’ll be freelancing as Marcia’s Transportation Director and Executive Entertainment Consultant (a.k.a. chauffeur and arm candy). That’s a great gig.

We’re very excited about the move, and look forward to new adventures in a great city that we’ve visited often since moving to the Midwest. Our goal is to downsize our living footprint significantly, ideally becoming a one-car family in a nice downtown apartment. Katelin will continue to live and work in Des Moines, where she is thriving, so we will be back to Central Iowa regularly.

It’s hard to believe that it was four years ago that we set in motion the process that resulted in us moving to Iowa, and over three years since I began working at Salisbury House. The only thing constant is change, I guess! Watch this space in the months ahead as this next phase unfolds . . . but for now, take it away, Make E. Smith and The Fall:

5 thoughts on “Chicago, Now!

  1. Congratulations to Marcia on the new gig. It will be interesting to see where you end up next. Good luck with your new adventures!


  2. Ah . . . the Peel Sessions version (as opposed to the Extricate album version) of “Chicago, Now!” Great version, and great song! And great city – congratulations on your upcoming move/escape from Iowa!


  3. Congratulations to Marcia!

    Chicago . . . I do believe your live music options are going to increase exponentially, as it always seems to be a stopping point on most tours both major and minor.


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