Quad Quix

1. I grew up as a fervent Washington Redskins fan, like my father before me, but turned on them some ten years ago when their odious management kept signing odious players and hiring odious coaches, producing extreme mediocrity in the process, while also refusing to enter the 21st Century by getting rid of their odiously offensive name. I really liked Robert Griffin III when he was at Baylor, so was disappointed when he was drafted by the ‘skins, but I followed him throughout the season, including last weekend’s playoff defeat against the Seahawks. Watching the game confirmed everything I hate about the Redskins, and in a just world, Mike Shanahan would have been fired immediately after the game for clearly and obviously putting his injured young quarterback in harm’s way, over and over again, until he grievously injured himself trying to do his best beyond the point of professionalism. Terrible. Here’s hoping Griffin quickly gets traded to a team that deserves and respects him, and that Mike Shanahan never coaches another game in the NFL.

2. I gave Goat’s World Music Album of the Year honors for 2012, and still love listening to the record regularly. They recently posted a new live video on their website that gives yet another visual example of what makes them so awesome. Here ’tis:

3. How ’bout them Danes? Despite a disappointingly lopsided loss to conference arch-rival Vermont, the University at Albany men’s basketball team has begun the season with a 13-4 record. (UAlbany is one of my almae matraes, and my workplace from 2008 to 2011). The UAlbany Great Danes took mighty UConn to the ropes as a 16 seed during one of their two NCAA Tournament appearances, so here’s hoping 2013 will find them returning to the big dance to terrify the big boys again. UA You Know! Go Danes!

4. I was recently disappointed to learn that Ween, one of my favorite bands for years, have called it a day on their career after singer Gene Ween (Aaron Freeman) decided that his health, sobriety and continued presence in the band were all mutually exclusive. While Gene and his partner in crime Dean Ween (Mickey Melchiondo) were certainly drug-addled goofballs for much of their quarter-century public career, they were also both incredible musicians, singers, songwriters and song stylists, and they have worked with an amazing backing band for years and years now (Claude Coleman Jr., Dave Dreiwitz and Glenn McClelland), putting out awesome albums and performing epic concerts along the way. So I’m sorry that it came to such a “whimper not bang” end for Dean and Gene, though I guess we should mostly be thankful for the greatness they gave us, rather than regretting that their great run finally reached its conclusion. Here’s a promo clip of one of my very favorite Ween songs, “Transdermal Celebration,” which is worth a click, especially if you’ve never heard them play and sing: