Ubulembu Cometh

As we were getting ready to head to Las Vegas this morning for Marcia and Katelin’s shared birthday this week, I received a very pleasing email from the team at Unleash Creatives, the gist of which I copy in visual format from their website below:

Ubulembu and Other Stories is a collection of sixteen shortish fiction pieces, some written as far back as the early 1990s, the latest ones done in the past few years. I am tickled to death that this prize comes with the opportunity to publish on Unleash Creatives’ imprint, with an expected 2024 delivery date. (It was a full year between manuscript completion for Side by Side in Eternity and its actual publication, so I get the long lead time in the production and layout process). While I am proud of all my professional writing, these stories are most special to me, because they’re not reporting, or reviewing, or researching, or describing existing narratives or events, they’re tales spun in whole from within me, which only exist because I imagined them, and that feels different, somehow.

I was most impressed by Unleash Creatives’ platform and editorial interests and review approach when I submitted Ubulembu and Other Stories for their consideration last August, and I will be most proud to have my work come out under their publishing mark. I’ll keep you posted as I have news, because of course I will, I’m me.


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