With Which I Am Well Pleased XVI (Men of Tain)

Yet another installment in my recurring series, within which I share 15 things that have rocked my world over the past month or so. I’m thinking about what I want to do (or do not want to do) here on the website in 2022, and as I do so, this seems a good way to keep things active and interesting. As always, I welcome your suggestions on things that I might have missed, but need to see, hear, watch, read, eat, play with, or experience!





3 thoughts on “With Which I Am Well Pleased XVI (Men of Tain)

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  2. Dear Lord, pinch me; new Tull and a Nico bio? 2022’s looking up so far.
    I’m also hoping to see the new Macbeth with Denzel Washington and Frances McDormand. Haven’t been able to post or see much due to my embroilment in moving to Florida and tying up loose ends in NYC.
    Congrats on your good fortunes in 2021, J.! Here’s to a (fingers crossed) brighter, shinier 2022!


    • (PINCH!!!!) Yessir, new goods on both fronts!!! Congrats on move to Florida . . . hard to imagine leaving the Empire State when you’re there, but once you go, it’s shocking how good things elsewhere can be!!

      And back at you on a better 2022 for us all . . .

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