The Beginning of a Grand Adventure

Marcia and I are headed up to Flagstaff this afternoon for an orientation meeting in advance of a four-day hike/camp trip down into the Grand Canyon, starting early tomorrow morning. It should be a fantastic, though challenging, experience, made a bit more interesting than it might otherwise be by the weather forecast:

We’ve done cold-weather camping in the past, but it was a long time ago, so hopefully our bodies and bones are up for it still. On the flip-side, at least we don’t have to worry about keeping an infant warm, as we did when we lived in Idaho in the early ’90s and camped at high elevations fairly often, in frigid temperatures, with a little one tucked in between us in our frost-coated tent.

There’s not much of a global connectivity signal expected down in the Canyon, so we’ll likely be completely offline until Thursday night. Which is a good thing, every now and again. No complaints about that. I’ll do the usual obligatory photo post at some point after we get home, and I’m sure nobody is going to lose any sleep about us not live-streaming the experience as it happens. Being in the moment, yo. That’s where it’s at.

So until we’re back late next week . . . keep on keeping on, all. And wish us luck on the trek!

I’ve got an idea: Let’s go DOWN into this thing!

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