Five Songs You Need To Hear (Another Engine)

Marcia and I are hitting the road for a few weeks tomorrow, heading up to Northern California, Oregon and Washington (State). Posts may be a bit spotty while we’re away, as is usually the case, though I will inevitably take too many photos, and equally inevitably share them here when I get back, for better or for worse. As a holding pattern until my next update, I return to my periodic “Five Songs You Need to Hear” series, with a selection of great tunes below that are all road-trip worthy classics of (my) canon. This is the 22nd installment of this series here, so if these songs hit your sweet spot, you can click here to get all of the previous “Five Songs” installments (scroll down after you click that link to move past this current article). Happy listening, as always! And see you (virtually speaking) on the back side of the trip!

2 thoughts on “Five Songs You Need To Hear (Another Engine)

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