Tucson 32

This past Thursday marked the 32nd anniversary of Marcia’s and my wedding date. Time certainly flies when you’re having fun with your favorite person! After hunkering down hard through the Anno Virum, we decided to take an actual trip, and eat actual meals, in an actual hotel, with other actual people. Ye Gods! Remember how that used to work? After scouting out a variety of options, we decided to drive down to Tucson to stay for a few days of rest, relaxation and restoration at Canyon Ranch. (Plus one night at the Hilton Resort at El Conquistador). It was a lovely trip to a beautiful locale, a very nice getaway on all fronts. The accommodations were comfy and clean, the food was out of this world good (and quite healthy!), and the various services and treatments offered were delightful. We also squeezed in a couple of hikes nearby, and had a fair amount of down time hanging out around on the quiet and peaceful Canyon Ranch property. I spent most of that time reading and making friends with birds. As one does. If you’d like a peek at what things looked like down there, you can click on the photo of the happy couple (then and now) to go to my Tucson photo page. And if your travels bring you down Southern Arizona way, I’d heartily recommend pampering yourself at Canyon Ranch. Pro tip: you can get the cookies and the ice cream for dinner desert if you ask nicely!


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