Various Wildernesses

We’re back home after a lovely 30-60 Day trip to visit Katelin and John in Las Vegas. We had wonderful meals and companionship with them, and also did several truly incredible hikes, all of them in parts of the country that are magnificent in their raw and unforgiving austerity. I snapped away, as I do, and have put my favorite images from the trip into another of my online photo albums. You can click on the photo of John, Katelin and Marcia near the Fire Wave formation in Valley of Fire to see the complete album. Snaps are from the Bill Williams Trail (Williams, Arizona, which featured unexpected snow), the Arizona Hot Springs area (near Hoover Dam), various trails in the Red Rocks Park near Las Vegas, Valley of Fire, and Death Valley (including the legendary/infamous Zabriskie Point). Lots of walking, lots of incredible views, lots of weird and extreme geology, often radically different over the course of a quarter-mile’s progress up a given trail. A great trip, at bottom line. Glad to have done it, and then glad to be home, as always.

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