With Which I Am Well Pleased VI (Six Sixties)

It occurs to me that I’ve not done a “well pleased” update since before we left Iowa in late October. That’s not an indication that life, the universe, and everything aren’t pleasing me, but rather that I’ve been busy enough being pleased to not find time for writing about being pleased. So here’s an update on 15 things in various categories that have been adding joy and stimulation to my life in recent weeks and months. Perhaps they’ll do the same for you?





6 thoughts on “With Which I Am Well Pleased VI (Six Sixties)

  1. On your recommendation, we watched Save Yourselves last night. I enjoyed it immensely, but my wife found it odd — in fact, she was asked several times, “Who suggested this to you?”. Oh, well.

    It was strangely prescient, what with the pandemic and all. And the ending seems to baffle some people, but I thought it left the viewer with a message hope.


    • My wife read that they are making it into a TV series, so will be interesting to see where it goes! I agree with prescience, and I tend to like ambiguous endings like it had . . . plus, I thought the two leads were quite charming (probably because they reminded me of my daughter and her partner!)

      It reminded me of the cult fave “Dark Star” by John Carpenter, in terms of the aliens. Watch that one if you don’t know it . . . I GUARANTEE your wife will not let you select the Friday Night Movies going forward . . .


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