Brighter Than 10,000 Words (Sedona #2)

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2 thoughts on “Brighter Than 10,000 Words (Sedona #2)

  1. Hi JES,

    Man Sedona is beautiful. Last visit to AZ for me was Flagstaff, and then occasional work in Phoenix.

    Hope you and yours are well.

    I thought about you last night when I fell into a Spanish Music Hole,

    This cat Pepe Bao is playing some stuff you might like with Jerry Marotta,

    Check it out.


    • Hey hey, Tor!

      Yeah, it is absurd how eye-catching the Sedona area is. I still almost jump with pleased surprise at some of the vistas we encounter while out and about. We love Flagstaff, too . . . but were up there last week to go to the DMV, and they had three feet of snow on the ground, so we were happy to come 30 miles and 4500 feet south/down, where our little dusting was already gone. We’re all good, thanks, hope same for you and yours. And I’m off to check out that video and artist . . . I see a Chapman Stick in the video still, so I’m pretty much THERE just based on that!


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