Five Songs You Need To Hear (And That’s The Truth)

With all the excitement around our move to Arizona, I note that my normal monthly flow of articles here at Ye Olde Blogge has been a bit disrupted of late. So in trying to achieve a new normal during the last month of this most weird year, it seems a “Five Songs You Need To Hear” post is in order, since I haven’t managed to get one out here since September. I return fully to the original premise of these pieces today, as the following five songs have nothing in common except that (a) they have been rocking my world recently, (b) you may not have heard them, and (c) I think you should do so, right now.  This is the 20th article in this series, so if these songs hit your sweet spot, you can click here to get all of the previous “Five Songs” installments (scroll down after you click that link to move past this current article). Happy listening, as always!

#1. Awa Poulo, “Mido Yirima”

#2. Alice Donut, “The Puny and Revolting Men of Advertising Smile”

#3. First Aid Kit, “Come Give Me Love”

#4. Frank Zappa, “Watermelon in Easter Hay”

#5. Fleetwood Mac, “Earl Grey”

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