Five Songs You Need to Hear (This Bird Has Flown)

Been a bit since the last installment of my ongoing “Five Songs You Need to Hear” series, so tonight seems a good evening to rectify that situation. As reported here and here, Marcia and I made our first foray out of the Des Moines metro area this past weekend, with a nice road-trip up to rural Minnesota, about five hours driving each way. I always make sure I’ve got fresh music playlists when we take to the highways, mixing hot new stuff with favorite cool classics. So for this month’s “Five Songs,” I’ve picked cuts that are guaranteed road-trip fare, good for blasting and shouting along, whenever your own quarantine situation lifts enough to allow you to drive, drive, drive. Other than that thematic link, the five songs have nothing else in common, except that I love them all, I doubt you’ve heard them all, and I think you will enjoy them once you give them a spin. You can click here to get all of the “Five Songs” installments (scroll down when you get there to move past this article), which are now at 16 posts and counting. Loads of musical wonders and weirdness await the brave and intrepid there. Happy listening! And safe travels!

#1. “Ride The Party Bus” by Jed Davis

#2. “Gravel Road” by Clutch

#3. “Going Back to Cali” by LL Cool J

#4. “Shove It” by Santigold

#5. “Rocks In The Road” by Uriah Heep

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