(I’m Always Touched By Your) Five Songs You Need to Hear

I will be doing my summary “Best Albums of 2020 (First Half)” report in the next couple of weeks, six months after I posted my comprehensive Best Albums of 2019 feature. (That was the 28th consecutive year I’ve done such a year-end article, in a combination in print and digital outlets; almost all of them are on the website now). I usually try to do my Albums of the Year reports in early December, recognizing that things that come out after that just aren’t likely to have enough time in the hopper  and proven legs for me to want to claim them as being among the year’s greatest musical achievements. Because of that timing practice, I allow myself a wee bit of calendar fudging for mid-year reports; if something hit the streets in the last couple of weeks of a given year, but its greatest impact is most fully felt in the following year, I’ll still include it on the list.

As as teaser for that list, I offer a fresh installment of my “Five Songs You Need to Hear” series, with each of these selections culled from albums likely to appear on my mid-year Best Albums list. As always, the premise here is that I love all of these songs, you have probably not heard all (or any) of them, and I think that you might want to do so. So give ’em a listen, and then maybe explore their five host albums further. If this series piques your curiosity, here’s the link to all of the “Five Songs” installments (scroll down when you get there to move past this article), which is now at 15 posts and counting. Loads of musical wonders and weirdness await the brave and intrepid there. Happy listening!

#1. “Poisoned Kobra (Shrouds Remix) by Hyperlacrimae

#2. “Vinter” by Myrkur

#3. “Conveyor/Boxes” by Moses Sumney

#4. “Five and Dime” by Hazel English

#5. “Ten Grand Goldie” by Einstürzende Neubauten

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