While the weather has been utterly grotesque lately, Marcia and I have still diligently prioritized our daily perambulations, using online weather resources to find windows of opportunity for fresh air and foot work whenever they open. My pedometer tells me that we’ve managed to hoof it at least five miles on 26 of the past 30 days, which has been a key component of our mental and physical health program since the dawn of the dread. Whenever we are able, we head way out into the countryside for our walks to avoid the more cavalier citizens in our community who think social distancing is for sissies, and masks (or the lack thereof) are for political purposes. But occasionally the rain-free time available for walking is brief enough that we just have to head out from home, walking our own neighborhood. We always go out with face coverings, are always respectful of others’ personal spaces, and quickly move defensively when we encounter those who just blither up on us, obliviously. It has certainly been nice to see spring properly sprung over the past month, at least in terms of leafage and greenery, if not in terms of balmy air and sunshine. As always, I snap scenes that capture my attention, and as usual, I share some of them with you below. While the trails themselves aren’t happy, it makes us more so when we walk them. (Note: pics can be clicked for full-size viewing).

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