In keeping with generally accepted best blog practices, I use “category” functions to create a structural architecture for the materials here, both for my own convenience and (ostensibly) for that of my readers. If you’ve been following along here for any amount of time, it’s probably not a surprise as to how the top ten most common categories for my public output stack up. They are, in declining order:

  1. Music
  2. Writing
  3. Travel
  4. Work
  5. Science
  6. Home and Family
  7. Art
  8. Food
  9. Books
  10. Film and TV

That “Music” category is particularly well-used, with about 45% of all posts here bearing that label, about three times more than the closely-ranked second and third place “Writing” and “Travel” categories. Makes my primary creative and critical obsessions over the past quarter century pretty clear and obvious, I guess.

While I’m fond of the Hemingway Rewritten Theme that I use here on the blog, my one small annoyance with it is that post categories aren’t very prominent in the public view of the site. If you’re reading this article on the front-page of the website, for example, you won’t see them. But if you click on this or any other specific post, then scroll down to its bottom, you’ll see the assigned categories there, linked to their similarly labeled fellows. While that’s not necessarily meaningful in any way for some obvious and widely-used things like “Music,” it does mean that some of the more topic-specific items here that might lend themselves to cross-platform exploration by readers are not as intuitive as I wish they were.

So as a small Life During Quarantine Time Public Service for bored readers looking to explore the more arcane corners of this long-running blog, I cite some of my less frequently used categories below, with links and explanations to assist you in content trawling. Click any of them, and you’ll get all the articles so categorized in reverse chronological order, so you can keep scrolling and clicking that “Older Posts” button at the bottom of the page to your heart’s content. Assuming your heart beats to some of the same weird rhythms as mine does, anyway.

Best Albums: Loads and loads of lists, documenting best disc picks over time.

Best of the Archives: A 2020 dig into the first 15 years of the blog.

Concerts: An archive of live music reviews and experiences.

Credidero: A 2019 philosophical treatise.

Des Mean: Relics of a satire site I ran during our first stint in Iowa

Five By Five Books: An ongoing review series of my favorite novels.

Five Songs You Need to Hear: An ongoing peak at my current favorite obscurities.

Hidden in Suburbia: An archive of urban exploration adventures.

In Memorium: Obituaries for folks who moved me.

Interviews: An archive of conversations with musicians both famous and obscure.

Upstate Wasted: Relics of a scabrous group satire site where I once wrote tons.

Please do not return articles to the stacks yourself. I like to make my own messes.

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