Tiny Blue Isle

We all live on a tiny blue isle
in a ravening crimson sea
that scours our shore
as storm gales roar
from windward side to lee.

We all live on a tiny blue isle
that shudders against the waves
of scarlet brine
and turpentine
leached from sunk slavers’ graves.

We all live on a tiny blue isle,
that’s smaller, day by day,
as marshland sinks
into that pink
foam sloshing ’round the bay.

We all live on a tiny blue isle,
like a berry in currant crème,
a healthy mote
that stays afloat
in a sticky blood-red stream.

We all live on a tiny blue isle
and work one job, with glee:
we fling blue sand
with spade and hand
to fight that damned red sea . . .

I wrote this poem on November 10, 2016, after seeing some version of the following electoral results map:

I don’t often get political here on any partisan basis (though I presume my allegiances are clear), since nobody needs yet another voice howling into the Twitsphere about that which each of us feels is obvious, creating ever more repetitive echoes in our respective chambers of cognizant isolation. But while looking for an old article to reference in an another post, I re-read “Tiny Blue Isle” for the first time since I wrote it. I’m pleased with it as an original take on a tiresome topic, so I am sharing it again today. Take it as you will.

Back in February (Jeezum Krow, it was only three months ago?!?), Marcia and I participated in the dumpster fire that was the Iowa Democratic Caucus, which was appalling in the moment, and even more so in hindsight. Never again, America, please?  We just took our next step in the 2020 electoral process today by casting our ballots by mail for the Iowa Democratic Primary, which only featured one competitive race in our district: the Senate candidate who will challenge Joni “Hog Balls” Ernst in November. Here’s hoping Iowa can count our ballots correctly this time. I take nothing for granted on that front anymore.

We’ll be supporting candidates and organizations on a nationwide basis in the months ahead to perhaps create new blue land around our current tiny isles, while taming those ever-more damnably bloody red seas. And with that on the table today, we will return to our regular piffle and tripe here on Ye Olde Blog with my next post, whenever that may be. Likely soon. Quarantine Time is certainly fostering blog post fecundity.

2 thoughts on “Tiny Blue Isle

  1. The poem is impeccably written and acutely effective regardless of what inspired it. Political disasters have been known to inspire some effusive artistic expressions, and some subtler and almost ponderously wispy, but equally as rippling.
    I loved this composition.


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