My last two posts (No Meeting TonightJazz Crowd) provided a snapshot sampler mix of the “comfort music” that Marcia and I are consuming through Life During Quarantine Time. I had noted that our listening habits have changed, significantly, in recent months, as we spend most of our time listening together to a shared mix of songs that are mutually pleasing to us both.

While I’m spending less time listening to things that are pleasing to me, but not to Marcia, I do still have some opportunities to engage the grind. Marcia does an online yoga class every day, for example, and I generally retreat into my office and turn up the noise. Likewise when I’m out on the balcony reading with my headphones on, or when I’m in the car (alone) going to and from the grocery store. Sometimes one’s mellow just needs to be harshed, right?

So in a spirit of representational musical balance, lest longtime readers think I’ve gone soft, today I present my “Discomfort Songs.” These are the 12 cuts at the extreme end of the spectrum that have earned the most plays in 2020 on my personal iPods and computer. There are some tough gnarls in here. Dig ’em.

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