“On The Drums” by Tony Levin

I rarely post here just to share a single thing, but today I saw a thing that made my heart go pitter-pat, my head a splode, and a big, happy smile break my face. (I’m not good at smiling. More of a cheesy grin kind of guy).

Tony Levin is one of my all-time fave musicians and human beings, the bass player’s bass player who has featured on more beloved albums than I can count, with an utterly mind-boggling collections of artists I adore, most notably King Crimson and Peter Gabriel. In addition to his skills on the upright and electric basses, he’s also arguably the world’s reigning master of the Chapman Stick, the inventor of Funk Fingers, and an utterly brilliant photographer. Perhaps slightly less well known are his skills at arranging and singing in barbershop quartets, as heard on Peter Gabriel’s “Excuse Me” and his own “King Crimson Barbershop Quartet.”

So what is the thing that made me so happy today? It’s TLev’s tribute to the great drummers he’s worked with over the years, a ridiculously comprehensive list of the best of the batterie bunch, deploying the wide range of his delightful, formidable skills. Give it a watch and a listen. And smile, smile, smile!

He’s good at everything.

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