A Note From the Back of the House

As I noted when I finished up my “Best of the Archives” series, I’ve been spending a fair amount of time working behind the scenes here at my website to keep it spry as it approaches its 25th anniversary. Most of that work is being done in my preferred role as The Destroyer, but I’m also doing some additive bits, and fiddling with some templates and settings. As I’m doing so, folks who follow here might have experienced a couple of glitchy things that I want to note and apologize for:

  1. WordPress can be a bit aggressive about notifications, so I think people who “follow all” here via email alerts might have gotten some emails that I didn’t actively intend to send out, and would have preferred not go out, e.g. some media material and photo pages. Sorry if that blew up your inbox with a bunch of old stuff.  I wouldn’t apologize for blowing up your inbox with fresh goodness!
  2. On the flip side, WordPress makes it really easy for people to sign up to follow posts and entire blogs, but that also makes it easy for spammers, bots and commercial blogs to follow a shit ton of stuff here, hoping that bloggers then click back to check them out, as WordPress suggests. I don’t normally follow that suggestion, unless I recognize someone following me, or see some obvious indication that these new followers are real people with some discernibly logical reason for their interest in my site. That means I’ve amassed a fair number of potentially dubious followers. To clean that up a bit, I unsubscribed a bunch of what I think were bogus followers today. I looked at them all one by one, and think I was pretty accurate in my culling . . . but it’s possible that you might have been getting email alerts when I post out of legitimate interest, and now you’re not. If that’s the case, sorry about that as well, and please do feel free to resubscribe.

Here’s hoping all of you readers, who I dearly appreciate, are having a safe and healthy Easter Sunday, making the best of these crazy times however you are inclined and able.

We’ll have this back shed all cleaned up soon, promise.

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