(Sittin’ On) Five Songs You Need to Hear

I grind through lots of new record releases toward the end of each calendar year, prepping for my Best Albums reports, so when that’s all done, I tend to spend the ensuing quarter or so just catching up with old stuff in my (large) catalog. As I’ve been happily spinning older faves recently, several seemed like good candidates for one my occasional “Five Songs You Need to Hear” features — so while the wind howls here in Central Iowa tonight, it seemed there was no time like the present to get a little bundle of auditory joy out into the world. Hey presto!

As always, the only connections between these five songs are that I love ’em, and that you probably have not heard ’em. So this series is designed to rectify that that latter situation. If you do like some or all of these songs, and/or the concept in general, hit this link and you can scroll down through all of the earlier installments, too. This is the eleventh piece in the series, so there’s a good mix tape (or Spotify playlist for you streaming weenies) to be made here. And probably enough data points to figure out the current naming convention.

Here we go . . .

#1. “C’est Bon” by Vulkano

#2. “Daughter of the Hillside” by Chicken Shack

#3. “Proper Rock” by The Chap

#4. “Kongsberg” by Yusef Lateef

#5. “A Head Bronco” by Japanther

2 thoughts on “(Sittin’ On) Five Songs You Need to Hear

  1. C’est Bon – Catchy. Why was the clerk wearing a waterjet hat?
    Daughter of the Hillside – That was a long guitar bit.
    Proper Rock – “We’ve filled this hat with paper strips, each of which has a proper noun written on it. Please remove several and make a song out of them. Also you have to scream for 30 seconds at the end of the song.”
    Kongsberg – Charlie Brown theme meets jazz
    A Head Bronco – Sort of sounds like progressive rock with an electrical transformer short-circuiting in the background.

    I give up. How on Earth do you find such a mix of odd music?


    • Hey Adam!

      I like your descriptions. Had you written them down and sent them to me, and I had no idea what they described, I would be all “Oooo! I need to hear that!”

      Which, I guess is how I end up with playlists of stuff like this!


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