Meanwhile In New Mexico

Marcia and I continue our Winter of Warm(er) Climate Explorations this month with a three-week trip to various New Mexico destinations. Lots of great walks, culture and food, with occasional forays into neighborhoods urban and rural, to check out real estate properties of interest. Not a lot of blog news to report accordingly, but I have been taking pictures (as I always do), so I share ten of them below so you can see what we have been seeing. It’s utterly gorgeous and raw out here, at bottom line. This is our fourth trip down to New Mexico in the past decade, so it is definitely a leading contender for where we might spend our active retirement years. Lots of birds and trees and rocks and fossils and history and suchlike to keep me amused and out of trouble. Or at least as out of trouble as I ever get, anyway. Marcia approves.

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