Spanish Adventures

Marcia and I got home last night from a wonderful two week visit to Spain. We rented a great AirBnB apartment in Madrid’s Lavapies neighborhood, a couple of blocks from the local Metro stop, and with a very convenient 24-hour grocery store and early morning cafe equally close by. We used that nice nest as our base of operations, and took day trips to Toledo, Segovia, Ávila and Valencia using bus tours (the first three destinations) and the Renfe AVE high speed train (for Valencia). Some friends of ours are visiting Madrid later this month and asked for tips, so Marcia created a helpful summary of the places, things and eats that we most enjoyed. You can see her file here. We traveled via Iberia Airlines nonstop from Chicago’s O’Hare to Madrid’s Barajas, and we recommend that approach for fellow Midwesterners heading for Spain. Good service and meals in the air, and the Economy Plus seats are recommended and well worth the expense. As always, we snapped lots of photos while we were away, so you can click the image below (of the last full moon of 2019 to set in Valencia) to see our gallery. Holla if any questions about what you might be viewing there. I’d be happy to discuss!

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