Just a short note to let folks who care about such things know that I deactivated my Twitter account last night after about a decade on the micro-blogging site. I won’t go into the details of why, as they’re probably pretty obvious, pretty common, and pretty boring accordingly. No big blow up, no big meltdown, just . . . it had worn out its utility in my life, and I’m cutting back on time-wasting pursuits of limited value to clear the decks for some possible new projects and adventures (watch this space!) in the months ahead. If you need to update any bookmarks or lists or suchlike to find me here, instead of there, now’s the time to do it, with thanks. You can find my professional stuff (for now) at my LinkedIn Profile. I’ll keep that active for now, since I’ve got like 2,500+ connections there, even though I’ve never really figured out why. I’ll keep promoting my blog posts there. It may go at some point too, but it doesn’t actively annoy me or waste much of my time right now, so that’s about all I ask.

Before I destroyed my Twitter account, I downloaded all of the images that I had posted there over the years. Here are 10 randomly selected from my first year or so on Twitter, with no context or explanation, just to make the point that . . . well, it’s really kinda stupid there, when’s all said and done, isn’t it? You can make up your own stories about them if you like. I’ll even let you use more than 280 characters . . .


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