The Annual NCAA Hoops Pick ‘Em Debacle

It’s that time of year again, folks, when I deploy the countless hours and gazillions of over-worked brain cells that I’ve invested in studying the minutia of NCAA Men’s Division 1 Basketball, and deftly create a bracket that will implode spectacularly in ways that will mathematically eliminate me by the first Friday of March Madness.

And you want to watch that unfold, don’t you?

I’ve set up my annual group on Yahoo this year, with the usual suspects who stomp me over and over again on the virtual parquet invited to do so again. I do have to apologize for using a site of Yahoo’s current macro idiocy for this highly important undertaking, and hope you don’t get a lot of “Face of Hillary Spotted on Mars” and “You Won’t Believe What This Housewife Does With Ping Pong Balls” types of adverts and posts on your way to the group log-in, but it’s possible, so be forewarned.

It’s a public group again, so if you join you can invite others if you want to as well, and if you didn’t get a direct invite but are reading this now, you can join us too. You just need a Yahoo ID to get started. Once you are logged into Yahoo Fantasy, you can create a name for your pick set at the main tourney site at this link. Then you should be able to add your pick set into our group at this other link.

If you would rather just search for us from the Yahoo Fantasy Pick ‘Em front page, the Group Name is ChicalbanyMoinesDC and the Group ID# is 84027

See you in the pool, returning miscreants and noobs alike. Note that we just do it for the brags, as usual, nothing expensive at play. Make sure you get your picks set before the first tip-off on Thursday. (You do not have to pick the First Four games on Tuesday and Wednesday). I’ll be selecting my usual mix of really over-analyzed Cinderella upsets who will start crashing and burning immediately, so the fun should start early, be there or be square.

And remember . . .

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