Storm Force 10,000 Words (Chicago #10)

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I think this is probably a nice ending for this series, as I head into my final month as a Chicago resident. Ten posts, ten pics each, hopefully worth 100,000 words of stories. A nice visual archive of my time here, focused on the city itself, not on Marcia and I as protagonists within it. Such a beautiful, inspirational place. I will miss snapping it as often as I have over the past four years! Here are the earlier installments of this series:

Ship Arriving Too Late To Save 10,000 Words (Chicago #9)

Beyond the Valley of 10,000 Words (Chicago #8)

Return to the Planet of 10,000 Words (Chicago #7)

Revenge of the Son of 10,000 Words (Chicago #6)

Son of Another 10,000 Words (Chicago #5)

Yet Another 10,000 Words (Chicago #4)

Another 10,000 Words (Chicago #3)

10,000 More Words (Chicago #2)

10,000 Words (Chicago)

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