NCAA Hoops Pick ‘Em Time!

I’m traveling for work this week, so am setting up my annual Hoops Pick ‘Em pool now, before the brackets are set, since I may have limited computer access once the dance cards are set. The bracket is hosted on Yahoo, so you will need a Yahoo ID to log in and make picks. You should be able to join our group directly by clicking this link, then following the instructions to get your pick set loaded. If you were in the group last year, you should have received an email inviting you back, sent to whatever email address you used last year to register your team. If you go straight into Yahoo to register, when you get to the Pick ‘Em section, you can search for us under Group ID #54028, Chicalbany Moines DC. Picks have to be done before first tip-off on Thursday the 15th. Don’t forget to pick your champion and any requested tie-breaker. Once play begins, your picks will be locked. We pick for bragging and gloating rights only. Knock yourselves out!

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