Ten More Statements

Refute, support, disregard, disparage?

1. If you need more than three consecutive tweets to say something on Twitter, then you should not be saying it on Twitter. Get a blog.

2. People who romanticize or look forward to business travel do not do much business travel.

3. Uriah Heep are a far more entertaining rock band than whoever your cool friends are listening to right now.

4. Not being able to wear a hoodie or a chunky knit sweater comfortably in October is a very, very bad thing.

5. Whenever you hear an airplane, you are required to look up until you spot it. Bonus nerd points if you can identify it.

6. If you curse in a song and then issue a “clean version” to get popular radio or television play, then your cursing was superfluous and didn’t need to be there in the first place. Stand by your profanity, dammit, if it’s integral your art!

7. Human Sexual Response were the most unique, unusual and thrilling American band of the early ’80s, and their two albums would be more than enough for you if you were to be stranded on a desert island with them.

8. Paul Gauguin is not all that.

9. If you don’t like Elvis Presley, and you don’t like gospel music, then you need to listen to Elvis Presley singing gospel music. Right now. Go on. I’ll be here when you get back.

10. Every food can be improved with butter, while every food will be ruined with mayonnaise.

12 thoughts on “Ten More Statements

  1. Re: Mayo

    Try Duke’s when you’re south of the Mason-Dixon. Might not change your mind, but it’s so much better than the other options.


    • Oh, I know Duke’s well as a native of South Cackalacky . . . .

      It was the only mayo allowed in our house by my Dad when I was growing up. He ate it on EVERYTHING, even things like Pimento Cheese sandwiches, which already had mayo in the mix.

      And, alas, as much as I love to love the native oddments of my home country, even Duke’s couldn’t get me to eat that terrible emulsion!!


  2. 3) I don’t have any cool friends. I gave away all my Uriah Heep records in maybe 1978 (probably after hearing Siouxsie and the Banshee’s “The Scream”), and maybe I shouldn’t have. I don’t remember any of them, so maybe I’ll see if YouTube has any. In the early 1970s I bought any album with a Roger Dean cover. “One Live Badger” was pretty cool.

    10) I doubt the first part’s true for Lime Sherbet.


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  4. True story. I enjoyed Radiohead’s song ‘Creep” every time I heard it on the radio, and every time they played the music video on that music television station that doesn’t play music videos any more. Long story short – I purchased the 7″ 45, went to play it on my stereo, and discovered that they’re not singing “You’re so very special,” but they’re clearly singing “You’re so fucking special.” Right there on the 45. No warning whatsoever. Yeesh. Got me.


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