2016 Hoops Tournament

It’s that time again . . . so here’s the invite info if you would like to rejoin (or share) the hoops pick ’em pool that I run (but never win) year after year after year. Feel free to pass it on to others if they’d like to join, too. No cap on participants.

It’s hosted on Yahoo Fantasy Sports, so you will need a Yahoo ID to register. The group is private, so you’ll need some combination of the following information to get signed in and make your picks:

Pool Name: chicagoalbanymachine

Pool ID#: 83197

Password: erastusdaley

Games begin Thursday (the play-in games do not count, so you might want to wait ’til they are past to finalize your picks), so make sure you have your pool  completely filled in before then. (We’ve had people forget to pick the Champion, or forget their tiebreaker data, so don’t lose on a technical, please!)

For what it’s worth, Marcia and I will be at the first and second round games in Des Moines later this week, so watch for us on the idiot box. I sorry UAlbany won’t be there, but I will likely represent the greater SUNY system by rooting for Stony Brook as proxy, possibly the only person in the arena doing so.

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