4 thoughts on “My Top 200 Albums of All Time

  1. 200?!?! Some more exploring to be done…

    Did you have any Captain Beefhart on the original 100? I cannot recall, but agree with the addition/expansion.

    And I saw Gang of Four remains…excellent. Have you heard their newest? Um…errm…(avoiding eye contact with the creators)…I shall heed my mother’s advice, “if you have nothing nice to say…”

    • Yes, 200!! I am old now!! If I had 100 favorites at age 13, that was based on listening to probably 200 albums. So the percentage of things that make the list is surely much smaller now, because I am much more experienced and smart. And handsome. Beefheart has probably come and gone on the list over the years, depending on mood. Now that he himself is gone, I’ll probably keep him on henceforth. I sampled the new Gang of Four too. Yes. Yes. And, uh, yes. (They had a single out a few years ago called “Second Life” that was absolutely fantastic, and made me hope for a late career renaissance. But, uh . . . yes.)

  2. Hm… It’s interesting that you decided to put Trout Mask Replica on this list. I have that one too; I’m not sure if there’s really a way to “get it,” but I like that album for how insane and out there it manages to be. Safe as Milk is one of my favorite albums as well. Then again, Captain Beefheart made a lot of amazing music; there are several right choices.

    I find those people who debate endlessly on whether Joy Division or New Order is superior kind of silly; both incarnations manage to be amazing in entirely different ways and the diversity serves to demonstrate what expert musicians they are.

    “Heroes” is also one of my favorite David Bowie albums. I found out it was named after the song “Hero” by German krautrock band, Neu! I recently acquired Neu! ’75, the album which features that song, and it’s definitely one of my favorites now. Then again, I see that you put the entire Berlin Trilogy on this list!

    As far as compilation albums go, I really like Minor Threat’s Complete Discography and Substance by New Order.

    • I think the two Joy Division studio albums and the first two New Order albums are all brilliant, and despite the tragic loss of Ian Curtis, musically I perceive those four discs as being a continuous body of work, demonstrating incredible growth along the way. But I have a clear sense of where New Order “jumped the shark” . . . with the “Confusion” single that came out right after “Power, Corruption and Lies”. They had a few good songs after that, but for the most part, that’s when the cheesy beats began to outweigh the melodies and songs, and I’ve not been much interested in them since then. I love Neu’s “Hero” . . . a fantastic proto-punk song, and the connection between Bowie and Kraftwerk and so many other things. Hardcore bands like Minor Threat are good examples of places where compilations are valuable, since much of their recorded material first appeared on singles or EPs. And, yes, while “Trout Mask” is a difficult album, it’s high points are among the most sublime recorded moments ever, so it deserves a place of honor, warts and all!!

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