2015 Hoops Pick ‘Em

Per the marked-up version of the prior post, I went 51-17 in picking the 68 teams in this year’s NCAA Basketball Tournament — before any of the conference tournaments had begun. Not my best year, but not my worst either. I’m most gratified to be correct in picking Albany to win the America East Conference Tournament, since that was one of the most thrilling games I’ve ever seen, and also one of the best stories in sports this year.

With Selection Sunday behind us, it’s now time for the fun of my annual pick ’em tournament, wherein you are given the opportunity to humble me and my perceived deep knowledge of college hoops by defeating me in head to head competition — even if you base your picks on uniform colors or coolest mascots. After many years of hosting my pool on Yahoo, I am moving it to ESPN this year, per paragraph one of this post.

You will need to set up an ESPN Log-In Account to play, but that’s no more onerous than any other site registration. Once you have that, you can use the information at the bottom of this post to join my private group, make your picks, and then be rewarded with a full year’s opportunity to gloat, should you actually beat me in the contest. Which happens more often than not, since I remain the King of Over Thinking when it comes to these sorts of things.

Tuesday’s Play In Games do not count against the final score, so you can wait until after they’re over to make your picks, if you think their outcomes will be material to your success. You must have all of your picks (make sure you pick the champion and the tiebreaker, since I’ve seen people lose by missing those blocks in the past) done before the first tip-off on Thursday, at which point the brackets will be locked, and the fun will begin.

Here’s the log-in information for the group. Good luck, and happy picking!

Join Group Link: Click Here

Group Name: Overthinkers Anonymous

Group Password: chunkybumble

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