Iowa Legislature Considers New State Motto

Iowa’s State Motto — “Our Liberties We Prize and Our Rights We Will Maintain” — sounds like it could have been whipped together for a contemporary Tea Party rally, but it actually dates back to 1847, and it reflects the difficulties that Iowa encountered on the road to Statehood.

With over a century-and-a-half of prosperity under Iowa’s collectively expanding Sans-A-Belt slacks, and with statehood safely secured, Iowa legislators are now pondering whether it’s time to create a more meaningful 21st Century motto for the state. Here are ten top contenders (developed by a consortium of Des Moines’ leading marketing and advertising agencies) as the 2015 legislative session gets underway:

Plus Frumenti (More Than Corn)

From Subsidy Springs Prosperity

Castrantur Tyrannus Sicut Solent Sues (Castrate The Tyrants Like Pigs)

In Terry We Trust

Semper In Vertice Missourum (Always on Top of Missouri)

You Flyover, They Drive Through, We Stay Here

Anglicus Quondam, Nunc Hispanicus (Once English, Now Spanish)

Mostly Modest, Always Nice

Ditat Deus, Pauper Obama (God Enriches, Obama Impoverishes)

Thank God for Indiana

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