Where the Turf Meets the Surf

Marcia and I made a quick trip to San Diego a couple of weeks ago. We had originally planned to travel there in March for her birthday, but the scheduled day of our arrival coincided with a rare monsoon-type storm involving 50 mile per hour winds, five inches of rain, mudslides and the like, so we made a quick adjustment to visit St. Petersburg, Florida instead at that time, and rescheduled San Diego for October. The weather was lovely this time, fortunately. We visited the USS Midway Museum (some excellent planes on the flight deck), spent time in and around the Naval bases at Coronado (we were there for the Navy-Notre Dame game, so got to watch that at an old school Navy bar called McP’s Pub), played golf at the beautiful Coronado municipal course, and spent a day driving up the coast to La Jolla and Torrey Pines State Natural Preserve, before eventually turning back south at Carlsbad. The only downside to our trip reschedule was that we found ourselves staying as a Gaslamp District hotel that was literally ground zero for the Monster Bash, a massive late-night Hallowe’en street party debauch of mostly twenty-somethings that had our hotel room literally shaking from the boom-thump DJ booth below us, and forced us to walk through large crowds of annoyingly-costumed drunks for a couple of days. Adult Hallowe’en is easily among my least favorite contemporary annual events, so I certainly could have done without that intrusion of trashiness. That being said, it was still great to spend time under beautiful sunny skies during the weekend of the first hard freeze in Central Iowa, and we got some fun photos of our travels, as is our wont when we go hither and yon. Click on the photo of Marcia at Torrey Pines (below) to see the whole album, which is guaranteed to contain no images of Sexy Ebola Nurses or Zombie Chambermaids or characters from Sons of Anarchy (among the most popular costumes we saw in San Diego, alas), but plenty of harbor seals and sculpted sand. Plus a scary seagull.

The cutest of the cute on the California coast . . .

The cutest of the cute on the California coast . . .

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