Five Statements, Five Questions IV

Continuing where this, this, and this left off . . .

1. I’ve long been fascinated by the careers of musical brothers John (RIP) and Brian Glascock, who jointly or separately played bass and drums respectively with Mick Taylor, Greg Lake, The Gods and Toe Fat (Uriah Heep precursors), Carmen, Jethro Tull, Chicken Shack, Octopus (a Split Enz precursor), Captain Beyond, the Bee Gees, Iggy Pop and James Williamson, Joan Armatrading, Dolly Parton, and the Motels, among others. Who are some of your obscure/collectible musical heroes?

2. I love watching college sports, but if it were up to me, any college or university that pays its Athletic Director more than it pays it Chief Academic Officer should be required to compensate its student athletes as employees and should have its academic accreditation suspended until it corrects this mission-creep based discrepancy. Do you think the current college athletic model is fair and sustainable?

3. I would be very, very happy to never see another movie based on a comic book character, a board game, a theme park ride, or a toy — and also not to be subjected to previews, commercials, or marketing tie-ins related to such movies while trying to watch other movies based on things like, oh, I dunno, let’s say something crazy like books. Do I just have to stop watching movies?

4. Marcia and I will be traveling to Milwaukee to see Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, and to Chicago to see YES this summer. What bands would you travel for, and how far would you go to see them?

5. The weather forecast in Des Moines today is for 70 degree temperatures, bright sun, and a gentle breeze. Is the Little Ice Age over in your hometown, or do you think this is just another tease?

3 thoughts on “Five Statements, Five Questions IV

  1. 1. That would be “all of them”, though Masami Akita (Merzbow), Dominick Fernow (Prurient), and various ex-members of Wolf Eyes (especially Andrew W.K. and Aaron Dilloway) get a lot more mainstream press than most of them.

    2. Since the only sports I watch are cricket and squash, I abstain.

    3. No, just watch movies from every other country in the world.

    4. I have done Chicago (6 hours) to see a number of bands, New York City (8 hours) for a select few, and Providence (12 hours plus NYC traffic) for Deathpile.

    5. It better be over.

    • 1. Yeah, you do sort of live for the obscurities . . . what always impressed me about the Glascocks was that they played with loads of people who actually became popular, in a wide variety of styles, though most casual listeners have no idea who they are. (John gets a little bit of attention for being the member of Jethro Tull who died young . . . he was truly an extraordinary bass player and awesome live performer). Speaking of obscurities . . . is Ringworm a band you recommended to me sometime in the past year? I just sampled their last album and it sounds great, and for some reason I am thinking you had already told me about it . . .

      2. Any college that pays its work study students less than its cricket and squash coaches should also be censured.

      3. That’s a good idea. We watched “Mr. Nobody” last night and it was brilliant . . . released in 2009, it did not get a U.S. screen release until 2013, when it played on four screens and made about $3,000. Meanwhile, in 2009, “Transformers” made over $400 million domestic. Sigh.

      4. I used to get most of my concert tickets in the Albany market for free, so I didn’t have to travel far. I would go to NYC for selected shows (e.g. Pere Ubu, King Crimson, Hanslick Rebellion), but as a general rule I haven’t had to travel for concerts, so making a weekend out of them is a new deal for us. We saw Joe Bonamassa on Friday night here in Des Moines . . . I had seen him lead a fairly pro forma blues trio when he was about 18 years old, and I was absolutely flabbergasted by the outstanding show he put on with an incredible band. I only had to travel 10 minutes for that one, though.

      5. I remain skeptical. I think this is just a big set up for the next big freeze, since it will be worse when it kills all the spring flowers . . . . freakin’ nature . . .

      • Re Ringworm: wasn’t me. Metal Injection and MetalSucks have been going gaga over the new album, and I may get around to it at one point, but I kinda lost interest when they decided to jump on the nu-metal bandwagon in the nineties. Saw them open for…Suicidal Tendencies, I think (which woulda been 2008)…with the vocalist of a band that was still honest to pete grindcore at the time, and we spent the entire set lamenting the good old days.

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