Dear New York . . .

Please shut up and enjoy your beer. There are grownups doing serious work out here, and you are just too noisy and distracting. Yes, yes, we know that you have more electors in the Borough of Queens than we have in our entire state, but that and a cup of coffee will get you a cup of coffee. So sit down and be quiet and drink your beer. We’d put the Islanders game on for you, except they’re on strike. Again.  So have a nice, quiet day. We’ll be in touch when you need to know something. There, there . . . shhhh . . . there, there . . .

Best regards,


7 thoughts on “Dear New York . . .

  1. Love the map, but so conflicted. On the one hand, it’s awful to live in a state that is reliably blue. No matter which way one votes, you know it doesn’t matter. On the other, it’s a joy for a lover of quiet…no “noise,” no billboards, NO ADS!

    • I am weighing the “my vote matters” factor higher than the “I hate advertising” factor . . . . since I only watch taped television, don’t listen to the radio, and can zone out things in the newspaper, so the advertisements (which are legion, that is true) don’t impact me much!!!

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