Giant Ball in Sac City

The World’s Largest Popcorn Ball, in its shed in Sac City, Iowa. And Marcia, who is about 5’9″ in shoes, for perspective. And also the Casey’s where we got gas (with ethanol) reflected in the window. So very Iowa!!!

Marcia and I went to Sioux City in Northwest Iowa last night so she could attend a board meeting there this morning, and I could visit some fellow Iowa Museum Association (IMA) museums in Sioux City and in a variety of other towns between here and there. (Salisbury House, where I work, is a member of IMA). One of my favorite things about Iowa is basking in the amazing ways that civic pride manifests itself around the state. It can come in the form of fantastic neighborhood events. Or it can come in the form of absolutely spectacular civic or religious architecture, like the beautiful Adel City Hall in nearby Dallas County, or the incredible effort to restore the magnificent All Saints Church in Stuart, which was destroyed by arson in 1995. Iowa civic pride also produces delightful regional museums like the ones IMA represents (including the Sanford Museum in Cherokee, which we visited today), and a variety of historical societies dedicated to creating and preserving a permanent record of life in the state’s many municipalities. And sometimes Iowa Pride is about earning — and keeping — a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records. This is Sac City’s claim to fame. God bless these industrious Sac Citizens, every one, and woe betide other towns in Illinois (or similarly mediocre corn states) that dare to rob Sac City of the honor properly due to its Giant Ball. I’m glad we got to see it. Here’s a closeup in closing, if you’re curious about what a 5,000 pound ball of popcorn and syrup looks like at a granular level:

The horror . . . . the horror . . . .

2 thoughts on “Giant Ball in Sac City

  1. Lest you think it went unnoticed, the headline for today’s post — while neither a Bee Gess, Zappa or Genesis shout-out — has my inner fourth-grader a-chortlin’.

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