Keep It Dark

1. I often like things that conventional wisdom says I should not, especially when it comes to my musical tastes. Case in point: everybody knows that Donald Fagen is the voice of Steely Dan, as all of their best-known and most-popular songs have featured his nasal, sardonic vocal stylings. But . . . back when Steely Dan first got started, they actually had another vocalist, named David Palmer, who took leads on a couple of songs from their 1972 debut album, Can’t Buy A Thrill, including deep cut radio favorite “Dirty Work.” Some people are aware of that fact, but not many. Even more obscurely, though, Steely Dan’s original drummer, a fellow named Jim Hodder, sang lead vocals on one song on Can’t Buy a Thrill called “Midnight Cruiser,” and also took the lead on the Dan’s long lost (or suppressed) debut single, “Dallas.” Few people have ever heard either of these songs . . . but I love them both, dearly. (“Dallas” was actually covered by Poco some years later, but nobody heard that version, either). Jim Hodder was the first of the original members of Steely Dan to get the boot from the band, and was also the first to die: he drowned in his swimming pool in 1990. Here are his two vocal spotlights, just because they deserve to be heard and remembered as important parts of the Steely Dan canon, even if you’re not supposed to think that:

Midnight Cruiser


2. I just learned last week that intense singer-guitarist-songwriter Zoogz Rift passed away in March 2011. I guess he was so obscure that he didn’t make the obituary pages of any of the newspapers, magazines or websites that I was actively reading at that point. When I discovered that he’d flown away from this mortal coil, I went online to see what his long-time collaborator Richie Hass (an amazing percussionist) was up to. Last I’d heard, Richie was playing with the amazing Saccharine Trust, one of the few early SST Records bands still functioning deep into the 21st Century. Sadly, I then learned that Richie Hass had died of cancer in 2008, even more obscure (apparently) than Zoogz Rift was, since it took me even longer to learn of his passing. Sigh. Rift and Hass were great players, though, and they created a very impressive body of work together, cut from a Frank Zappa/Captain Beefheart sort of mold, only much more offensive, much of the time. If you haven’t heard Zoogz Rift and Richie Hass (and I’m thinking that includes 99.44% of those of you who are reading this post), here are three of my favorite songs from them, with fair warning given right up front that they contain very strong language and are not recommended for the faint of heart or weak of constitution. The first song is from the album Water (1987), while the other two are from Island of Living Puke (1986). See? I told you so . . .

I’ll Rip Your Brains Out

The Mo-Fo’s Are After Me

Shiver Me Timbers

4 thoughts on “Keep It Dark

  1. 1. During undergrad, I typed papers for other students ($1/page). Most students who resorted to hiring a typist were procrastinators and paid a (negotiated) extra fee for the rush job. They didn’t bother to look at the final product — I waited outside their classroom and handed the paper off to them as they ran in to hand it in, something like the Olympic torch. I could have typed Mickey Mouse over and over again for all they knew. I turned down a last minute job for a very long English paper that was only partially written with an unrealistic time frame. The guy was persistent and charmed me into doing it, dropping off a few pages at a time at my other job (waitress in pizzeria), dictating passages at my apartment, and paying me handsomely, much more than I asked. The paper was brilliant — possibly the only truly quality paper I ever typed for hire. When it was handed in (and I told him I suspected it was an A), he made me a gift of the Complete Works of Shakespeare. It’s a treasure. Looking forward to poking around in the Salisbury House material when I have time.

    2. Steely Dan was a local band to students in my high school. They played in Woodstock bars often. And yet, I didn’t know any of the things you shared here. LOL. But then I am bad at music trivia.

    3. Couldn’t agree more. Some of this within the Catskill casino opportunists too but at least they are not running for office, just looking for special treatment. Lots of us with long ancestry in North America can claim a G-G-G grandparent based on family lore, but I thought a person had to be at last 1/8 indigenous and be able to prove it to claim it officially / legally (whether active in tribal culture or not)? That’s means a g-grandparent. Who knew baking cornbread and wearing beads was enough? I love to make latkes and I own a dreidel, does that make me Jewish?


  2. Holy crap, I had no idea Zoogz was dead neither… (or that that wasn’t Fagen singing on Can’t Buy a Thrill! I always just assumed his balls finally dropped b/w Thrill and Pretzel Logic…)

    next you’re gonna tell me John Trubee bought it. sheesh.


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