You Can Go Back (Wyoming ’92 and ’12)

As noted yesterday, we took a unique approach to vacation over the past week, opting to visit a place where we actually lived 20 years ago — in part so that Katelin could have memories of it that weren’t based solely on photographs and tall tales told by me and Marcia. One of the benefits of taking such an approach to vacation is that we were able to go back to places where we had taken pictures years ago, to see how they (and we) looked, then and now. Here are some examples.

Marcia holding Katelin under the elk horn arches at Jackson, Wyoming’s town park, summer of 1991.

Marcia and Katelin under the arch in 2012. The park (and city in general) had a lot more people in it now than it did then.

Me holding Katelin in Cascade Canyon, in the Cathedral Group of the Teton Range, probably August of 1991.

Katelin and I at the same spot, more of less, August 2012. It was much easier for me to get up to that elevation when Katelin did it on her own steam, rather than on my back!

Katelin and Marcia in Cascade Canyon, circa 1991.

Katelin and Marcia in Cascade Canyon, August 2012.

Marcia at Hidden Falls, above Jenny Lake in the Teton National Park, probably summer of 1992.

Marcia at Hidden Falls last week.

Marcia at the summit of Grand Targhee Ski Resort in Alta, Wyoming, winter of ’91-’92.

Marcia atop Targhee, summer of 2012.

Sledding hill in Tautphaus Park, Idaho Falls, Idaho, just a couple of hundred yards from our house, our first winter there. We could ski out of our garage into the park!

Summer on the sledding hill, 2012.

We took a lot of photos that weren’t recreations of old scenes, too, including a bunch from various mountaintops around the region. If you’d like to see those other new photos, then click on the photo of my tired feet below, showing my hiker’s tan after a long day on the trails in and around Death Canyon and Phelps Lake in the Teton National Park. It was a great hike, on a great family vacation, in a great destination, then and now.

Good hiking boots do a pretty job of keeping the dirt, sweat and grime at bay.

4 thoughts on “You Can Go Back (Wyoming ’92 and ’12)

  1. Love those elk horns…was in JH twice when I was 11 and 12, just passin’ thru, if you will. That’s my signal memory of it.

    • It’s equally amazing to be there in the wintertime, and see tens of thousands of live elks at the Elk Refuge just north of the city . . . . an amazing display of charismatic biomass!!!!

    • I still wear glasses when I drive at night . . . but otherwise, I just squint to see things. I have more hair than you probably give me credit for . . . but I choose to shave my head for ease of maintenance!!!

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