Death Valley, Iowa

Welcome to Des Moines, Summer 2012 Edition.

It has been hot here in Central Iowa for a while, but we moved into whole new realms of scorched here in Des Moines today, with a 107 degree high at the airport late this afternoon. I had figured it was going to be bad when I noticed that we broke 100 degrees before noon. It’s not the hottest weather I’ve ever experienced (Marcia and I endured 120 degrees during a July trip to Las Vegas one year, and it got up to 107 out in the deserts of Idaho on occasion when we lived out there), but 107 degrees is definitely getting up there high on the hot list.

It’s also been well over three weeks since we got any rain, so when those of you back east (and elsewhere) read about the great Midwestern drought of 2012, we’re pretty much right in the middle of it, so we are eating all of the locally-grown Iowa sweet corn we can right now, while we still can, since the crops are rapidly going south, and many farmers have already cut down their fields and filed for crop insurance.

The long-range temperature and precipitation models have us forecast for higher than usual temperatures and lower than usual rain through October, if not longer. Fortunately, the body really does adjust to these extremes, and there have been a couple of evening where we’ve been outside thinking that 90 degrees with a slight breeze feels really, really nice. Even more fortunately, we’ve got two good air conditioning units in our house, which is much smaller and much better-zoned than our house in New York, so we can stay comfortable indoors, which wasn’t the case in Latham when it got above 90 degrees or so.

First world problems, I know . . . but it’s still hot . . .

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