Galoot Up-Date

While Marcia was in meetings in Mason City recently, I visited the Floyd County Fossil and Prairie Center, and spent a happy hour digging for Devonian fossils among the shell-rich limestone that’s crumbling into an old brick-maker’s quarry there. I then headed off to a cornfield north of Clear Lake, walking a half mile or so along a fence line to The Place The Music Died, which is now marked by a small formal memorial and lots of heartfelt tokens of remembrance from various other pilgrims who have felt moved to visit over the years. The Surf Ballroom in Clear Lake, where Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and the Big Bopper played their final sets, is still in the business of putting on rock and roll shows, including the annual Winter Dance Party, which honors those icons’ memories. Some shots below from this trip:

I found some great fossils here.

This sculpture at the corner of Gull Avenue and 315th Street (both dirt roads) marks the trailhead to the crash site. I passed half a dozen people during the brief walk, and others were arriving as I left.

Long view of the shrine. The marker at right honors the memory of pilot Roger Peterson.

Close-up of the marker and personal memorials.

Memorial candles at the foot of the marker.

The airport where the ill fated flight began.

4 thoughts on “Galoot Up-Date

  1. SuperChief!

    Back in the day, the only Athens bands I knew were the stuff I and my co-hosts played on the radio, which was Drivin’ ‘n Cryin’ (still my favorite Athens export) and Pylon. (When Peter Buck and Kevn Kinney showed up to do an acoustic set on 120 Minutes in… 88 I think… I was all “who’s that guy with Kevn Kinney?”) I never really quite wrapped my head around Pylon, I should give them another go…

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