4 thoughts on “Boycotting the National Chain Restaurants

  1. I’ve been off the chains since our kids were old enough to go better places, and try never to eat at one. If we don’t count Starbucks or Bruegger’s, and Chickpea isn’t a national chain (just checked, it’s NYC only), then I think my only violation of the no-chain-restaurants rule is when our school groups hold pancake fundraisers at the Applebee’s — and that doesn’t count because they’re only serving pancakes, not Applebee’s food. So without that, I don’t think I’ve eaten at a chain in years, and even when I did it was usually unwillingly.

    I was appalled years ago when visiting Austin, and our Texan hosts suggested we enjoy the fine dining of a Macaroni Grill. Ugh. I mean, it was AUSTIN!

  2. I don’t count Starbucks either. Coffee is not a meal. Alas, I’ve had to go without Dunkin’ Donuts coffee since moving to Des Moines. The local coffee shops specialize in espresso (like Starbucks) and don’t serve fresh half-n-half with their brewed coffee. They mostly offer pre-packeged creamers.

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