On The Great Western Trail (Again)

A couple of weeks ago, I walked the first four miles or so (round trip) of the Great Western Trail, and posted some sepia prints of that adventure. Earlier this week, insprired by the sunshine, relatively low winds (12 mph) and relatively high temperature (38 degrees), I decided to don my cold weather cycling gear (or is it my Ninja Suit?!?) and ride the full 35 miles (round trip) of the Great Western to Martensdale and back. Click the photo below to see some shots of the ride (once it had warmed up enough for me to remove my gloves so I could work the camera), including perhaps the best billboard and water-tower I have ever seen. I will apologize up front about the quality of some of the photos; I used my DROID Pro instead of my camera, and when you use the zoom on the phone, things get grossly grainy, grossly fast. Next time, the real camera goes riding with me. Lesson learned.


Creek on the Great Western Trail. The colors in Iowa are truly different from those in New York.

2 thoughts on “On The Great Western Trail (Again)

    • Doesn’t that billboard frame the most terrible conundrum imaginable?!?! I can’t decide which is worse . . . a life without crispetty crunchetty salty meaty goodness, or the risk of an awful end (pun intended) . . .

      Okay, I’ma don my Ninja Suit and go jump out of planes into the ocean now. With SWORDS, yo!

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