A Quick Check-In

The move into our new house in Des Moines is going well, and the last of the cardboard boxes left yesterday. Now we’re on to hanging art, touching up paint, and other sorts of second-level decorative or comfort elements, with basic living arrangements essentially sorted.

One of those second-level comfort elements is the installation of internet access in our house, which won’t occur until next week. This means all of my online capabilities are via phone at this point, and that makes it tough to do my usual back-of-house Indie Albany administrative duties.

So please forgive the lack of notification updates and/or any formatting or style issues that have crept in or do creep in over the next week or so. I’ll get the site all pretty again, and get back to notifying you of new content, as soon as I’ve got my home office command center properly deployed.

Thanks for reading, though, even in my absence. It’s nice to see the site thrive without me!

4 thoughts on “A Quick Check-In

  1. Glad you’re settling in. If you’re taking requests, once you’ve been their awhile, I’d love your perspective on the public radio (and radio in general) in Iowa vs. back here in the 518…

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.


    • Thanks, Jeff, and that is a great topic. Marcia is starting the day with Iowa State’s WOI, the very first public radio station in the U.S. My initial impression: I do not have to flee the bedroom when the alarm goes off as often as I did in Albany!


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