On The Great Western Trail

Our household goods are scheduled for delivery tomorrow morning, so today was the last day for a while when I didn’t really have anything that I absolutely had to do. So how to spend it? Well, since the weather was nice, I took a walk on The Great Western Trail, spending two hours on an amazingly well maintained multi-purpose path, not seeing another human being during the entire walk. I snapped some shots with my phone as I walked, not realizing that I had fat-fingered it into the “sepia” effect setting. When I downloaded the snaps on my computer, though, that sepia tone actually seemed appropriate and evocative somehow. So here are a few of those sepia shots showing how I spent a very enjoyable part of my afternoon today . . . before I am consumed by setting up a household tomorrow!

The Great Western Trail, south of Des Moines.

Cows up close to the trail.

Cows at a distance.

I heard a truck go rumbling down this road a couple of minutes before I crossed it. The dust it kicked up was still in the air, making the sunshine visible.

3 thoughts on “On The Great Western Trail

  1. Thankee! I was pleased with how they turned out too . . . normally I don’t like the gimmick pre-settings on cameras, but this one seemed to fit with the colors and contours of the land . . . it’s purty out here!!!!!

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