It Ain’t Necessarily The Saint James Infirmary

Goodness, two weeks since my last post on Indie Albany!! I’d better get something up, lest that jerk who runs the place start harshing my mellow and making snarky off-hand comments about my lack of productivity . . .

I have a pretty good excuse, though, what with being in my final four weeks of work at the University of Albany, and having thrown a $114,000 party for 1,000 people in Maryland, and having spent four days and three nights with my beloved in Des Moines after the longest separation of our 24-year history together.

As Carl Marsh from Shriekback once sang: “In the time that it takes to write about doing it . . . it could be done.”

So I did it, without writing. But, afterwards, one can reflect and document, sometimes even with images, like these:

My classmate, Robbie Shaw Belesimo, and I at the 25th Reunion Tailgater for the Naval Academy's Class of 1986. Notice Blue Angel and Football Stadium in the background, neither of which I paid much attention to while I was there, since there was wine to drink and ice cream cones to eat. I did most of the planning and contracting for the reunion events, which brought out over 1,000 people total, though Robbie also organized a great brunch for the women in our class, with my deepest thanks for making that happen!

Me and my Naval Academy roommate Jim Jaquet (a.k.a. Skippy, a.k.a. Jamie, a.k.a. Big Eight). He is one of a very small number of human beings in the world who can make me look tiny, much less throw me across a room, just to keep me on my toes. (I am not sure why my shirt logo turned fluorescent in this shot).

Big happenings as past (me) and present (W. Scott Gureck) USNA '86 Class Presidents discuss matters of urgent importance at the tailgater. "See, Scott, this is the best way to get the ice cream out of your teeth without getting a brain freeze." After nearly 15 years in class leadership positions, I'm delighted to turn the ship over to Scott at this point, and know he'll do a kick-ass job.

Wait, where's this? It's on the river in Des Moines, Iowa! As cool as the pagoda is, even cooler is what sits on the horizon to the right of it: that's the hospital where Marcia's new office is.

Awesome mural in the East Village of Des Moines, near Marcia's current apartment. It reminded me of some of the excellent street art we saw in Reykjavik last year.

Now, if I wait another two weeks before posting my next Indie Albany piffle and tripe here, then I will be doing it as a resident and homeowner in Des Moines, since I will be heading westward for good in just over a week. The schedule seemed manageable when I laid it out a couple of months ago, but now that I am living it, it’s a bit hairier than I expected. So my profile may remain low here for just a little longer . . . I hope they don’t throw me out!

5 thoughts on “It Ain’t Necessarily The Saint James Infirmary

  1. I’m checking the Indie Albany handbook…

    According to my readings, the Czar must be beheaded if he does not post once a week. Additionally, there was not a single bit of ranting in this post, so I’m not sure if this so-called “post” counts anyway.

    Off with his head, I say!

    • Oh, you amusing serfs and your quaint rules and regulations!!! I’m sending Rasputin out to handle the matter . . . but until then, please stop waving your pitchforks and torches so vigorously, as you are rattling my precious collection of Faberge Eggs . . .

    • I just moved you from the 29% to the 59% tax bracket, Carl. I need the supplemental income due to the price of caviar going up a lot this year. I love to eat those tasty fish eggs when I send the bulldozers in to clear the rabble and their tents from the front lawn of Castle Indie Albany. Oh, such lawks!

  2. I just figured you didn’t post because the Squids got beat by a bunch of raggedy-ass kids from New Bern and Edenton. I haven’t been posting because I’m working as long as the generator works this week.

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