Entrance Of The Central Scrutinizer

1. At noon today, Marcia left our home of 12 years for the last time, heading west for Des Moines, so I am officially a geographic bachelor for the next five weeks. Soap and toothpaste and shaving are optional at this point, I guess. I’m excited for us all by the opportunities to come in the weeks, months and years ahead, though I’m not so sure that I’m going to like this upcoming limbo period, neither here (in spirit) nor there (in body). Fortunately, I’ll be doing some traveling on most weekends (including one trip to Iowa), so that should make things move along more quickly, I hope. If I seem grumpier than usual through October, you’ll understand why.

2. I began my “Eat the House” campaign today, with no food purchases to be made until I consume everything edible that’s already here. Tonight’s entree was a casserole of sorts, made from pre-cooked lasagna noodles, Knorr’s Parma Rosa Sauce (dry), and American Cheese Food Product. The results were, uhhhhh . . . interesting, shall we say. Tomorrow night, I am planning fake crab sticks, hummus and caviar. Mmmmm . . . fishy!

3. I’m selling my ARP Solus Synthesizer before I go west. It’s a classic analog synth, one of the last ones that ARP made, and you can get a taste of what it’s capable of here. I would prefer to have it go to someone I know in the local music community who will use it well in the market, so if interested, or if you know anybody else who might be, shoot me a note via e-mail and I can get you more information. I’ll also be holding the Big C.D. Blowout Night at some point in the next couple of weeks, so watch this space.

4. I very much agree with S. Connick’s recent ruminations on the Occupy Wall Street phenomenon, and I feel like whatever validity may (or may not) exist at the heart of it is woefully undermined by stupid P.R. tricks like the widely-covered March of the Corporate Zombies. I’m not a big fan of the whole zombie genre to start with, but using money-eating walking dead as a metaphor for the super wealthy in this country seems particularly stupid to me, since the super wealthy are more likely to be canny and shrewd and opportunistic in their money-making than they are likely to be mindless, robotic, unresponsive gobblers of cash. Bill Gates, Larry Ellison, Steve Jobs, Warren Buffett and others of their stratospheric economic status didn’t get where they are by being stupid, slow and unthinking. Quite the contrary, in fact. While I’m sure it was fun for these folks to dress up funky and get their pictures in the paper, I don’t think their cute photo op did much to explain what it is they think they are entitled to, nor why they think the super wealthy should pay for it. Symbols are only powerful when they’re meaningful.

5. Two weeks from tonight, I will be heading to Annapolis for my 25th Naval Academy Reunion, for which I am the coordinator. I’ve been working on this event for the better part of four years now, so I am very ready to move beyond the planning and contracting and fundraising stages and into the execution stage. The central event of the weekend is a massive tailgater, held under tents in the parking lot of Navy-Marine Corps Stadium, with six hours of fabulous all you can eat Maryland-style chow (e.g. lots of fresh seafood), and a bottomless beer truck. We’ve got about 900 people registered for that, and 350 more for other, smaller events, and the total take is over $100,000 at this point, so it’s quite the logistical undertaking, needless to say. It’s been nice over the past dozen years (I was involved in planning our 15th and 20th reunions as well) to use the event planning skills I’ve developed in my professional life to the benefit of my classmates and friends, but I’m glad and ready to say that this one is going to be the last one that I have a hand in bringing off. At the 30th reunion, I just want to party without worry about weather, or caterers, or gate-crashers, or shuttle buses, or dodgy online registration systems. I’m overdue on that front, I think.

2 thoughts on “Entrance Of The Central Scrutinizer

  1. At least the Squids gots a patsy for Homecoming.

    And you’ll have one feed that doesn’t include gross canned goods. This I know.

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