The Good Son (An Ecomonics Parable)

Farmer Joy grows corn and soy, and has for thirty years.
Times are rough, the market’s tough. He’s fallen in arrears.
Bill, his son, has just begun to understand their plight.
He’s concerned with what he’s learned and vows to make it right.
Price, he’s found, is largely bound by changes in supply
and demand, you understand, (it doesn’t matter why).
Bill invests in noxious pests and drives around the state,
dropping bugs and thrips and slugs that eat and procreate
in the fields, so others’  yields are decimated quick.
Back at home he tills the loam and sprays the bug spray thick.
Farmer Joy, he loves his boy and loves the higher price
that he makes on this year’s take, it more than will suffice.

2 thoughts on “The Good Son (An Ecomonics Parable)

  1. I wrote this in 2002. I am working on the sequel, where Farmer Joy gets gunned down as a result of complications associated with the meth lab Bill opened up after the Feds started paying them to NOT grow corn, just to keep ethanol prices up . . .

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